Lodrino Spring Water Shaving Soap 135gr


Soap made in Spain

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Lodrino adds another shaving soap with a stunning new fragrance with
top notes of mandarin, lemon, green leaf and violet are enhanced by lavender, ozone flowers and a base of sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk and patchouli.

For this fragrance, Lodrino formulated tallow or Tallow soap.

For the Tallow formulation, apart from the basic components, sweet almond and rosehip vegetable oils were used to enrich this soap in its performance, along with shea butter. This formulation gives us a soap from which a very dense and protective lather is easily obtained.At the beginning, one should not overdo it with water, however, by modulating its amount well, one can achieve a very dense, protective lather that helps the glide of the razor or freehand razor over the skin. Thanks to the quality of plant oils and shea butter, this soap gives our skin a great feeling in the post-shave period.

Made in Spain.

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